Upload dSYM to Firebase Crashlytics with Xcode 14

In Short:

Add Run Script below into Build Phases of your target.

SPM_ROOT=$(dirname $(dirname $BUILD_ROOT))/SourcePackages/checkouts
"${SPM_ROOT}/firebase-ios-sdk/Crashlytics/upload-symbols" -gsp /PATH/GoogleService-Info.plist -p ios $TARGET_BUILD_DIR

Where to place PATH depends on your develop environment. e.g.) If you put GoogleService-Info.plist as same level as Info.plist, your PATH should be



upload-symbols is provided by Firebase SDK to upload dSYM as a backup tool in case of that you could not upload it. See official website.

SPM_ROOT is the root directory of frameworks with SwiftPackageManager. If you still use CocoaPods to install Firebase SDK, you should write like following instead.


If you have still failed to upload dSYM, check your Debug Information Format in Build Settings in your target. If DWARF with dSYM File was not set, Xcode does not make dSYM file in the first place.

And uploading dSYM is still working even though bitcode is off(which is deprecated since Xcode 14).